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  1. All Zivan products are designed entirely internally (within the company "Zivan")
  2. All electronic components used in Zivan products are tested and approved by the technical office, that keeps constantly up to date on technical progress.
  3. All components are purchased directly by Zivan from major suppliers.
  4. The large production capacity of the Zapi group allows Zivan to purchase supplies within a short time and at competitive prices.
  5. Every electronic PC board is designed by the Technical Office. Then they are produced by specialized companies that assure superior quality and quantity.
  6. These companies specialize in robotic assembly, preassemble, test and monitor all assembled units, to Zivan specifications.
  7. On the preassembled boards, completion is made with components that are unique to the exact model.
  8. An in-circuit test is done on the finished PC board.
  9. After the final test phase, a type of burn-in test is done.

All products are finished in such manner that they are ready to be shipped out fully functioning and adjusted with precision in every parameter, so as to guarantee the quality and affordability that are the principal characteristic of all Zivan products.